All types of girls are welcomed, skinny, flat, chubby, fat, girl with busted knee, girl with three eyes. Whatever issue you have, the instructors work with you because it’s about the everyday woman feeling sexy through dance.
— Maria C.

OK, you've watched Demi Moore's Striptease 20 times, you've dusted off your highest heels, and now you're ready to be the confident sexy mama you know you can be. You're finally ready to take a class! Yay! In group classes, you can meet other students, learn from them and develop a sense of community.You'll be shakin' your bootie and rubbing your boobs with a bunch of strangers. But hey, you're a risk taker, and you've been dying to make new bootie-shakin' boob-rubbin' friends anyhow! You go girl.

All classes are 50 min, unless otherwise specified. 1 pass. 9-15 ladies max. Cheat sheet included. Pre-registration required. Wear heels and snug fitness wear/dance tights. 6" stripper shoes are recommended. 



This means this class is on the same day, same time each week for 7-17 weeks. 2 weeks of Level One, followed by 5 weeks of Level Two. Many of these classes will be followed by 5 weeks of Level Three, and then possibly followed by 5 weeks of Level Four. So if you see the word Progressive after the class name, that is what it means! 

Level 1

Perfect for beginners (you'll even get a special in-class discount on future classes for new students) and gives you the basic moves that we use in our other classes. Level 1 classes are 1.25 hours.

Floor Work

Wanna get down n' dirty? This super hot class will leave him (or her!) rolling on the floor begging for more. Learn exotic dance floor moves like the V, For Love, and the Swing. We promise you will leave dirtier than when you came in. No pole? No problem. This class teaches you to use the wall instead of the pole for those poleless divas. We 'll be sliding and grooving on the wall with transitions to floor. We will have you crawling on the floor and kicking your heels up with reckless abandon. We will make you feel like you can work every surface in your home! Knee pads are recommended. (Sold in class for $12 & up).  VIDEO OF FLOOR MOVES. 

Lap Dance

This super hot routine will leave any man (or woman!) drooling. If you have ever wanted to learn how to perform a jaw dropping lap dance for your lover, then this class is for you! We show you everything from positioning, to smacking, to what types of chairs to use, to the ever popular grinding move. Leave 'em happy and hard ladies! You will feel super sexy and confident after rocking out your new lap dance moves. VIDEO OF LAP MOVES

Don't have time to make it to class? Learn Level One Lap Dance and more online!

Purchase below for access to 65 min of streaming video that covers Level One Lap plus several level 2 moves ! 

Level 2

Prereq: Level I in the genre specified.

Floor Work

12 different classes. Each class takes you through a new mini routine really focusing on transitions between the moves you have learned and new ones as well. Take time to focus on your fluidity.  Prepare to get down n' dirty.

Lap Dance

12 different classes. Learn new moves and work on putting moves together in six different routines.  You will definitely be partnering up in this class and have person-to-person contact, so please come smelling fresh and clean. We will have body spray and mints on hand. Also, because you will be partnering up, if you currently have the flu, a cold, the plague, or have recently been bitten by a zombie, please do not attend class. If you have been bitten by a zombie, we would ask that you probably not return to class at all.

Level 3

Prereq: 4 hours of Level 2 in the genre specified or pre-approval.

Floor Work

14 different routines. Class combines previous routines and adds on even more moves for longer, more beautiful flow each week. Take time to perfect your moves. 

Lap Dance

13 different routines. Class combines previous routines and adds on even more moves for longer, more beautiful flow each week. Take time to perfect your moves. You will be partnering up in this class. 

Level 4

Prereq: Take 8 hours of Level 3 in the genre specified, or pre-approval.

Floor Work

5 week continuing series with final performance day. Students work together to develop routines and new moves. 

Lap Dance

5 week continuing series with final performance day. Students work together to develop routines and new moves.