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01-13-19 : Hi ladies! Notes from me will be here occasionally. Please just check here before filling out the form…. THANKS!

write none if none. if multiple list both
WS Arrival *
Instructor *
Instructor Arrival? Shld be 10 minutes BEFORE room opens *
IF not wearing a tank they MUST purchase that evening.
RG check list (1-5) 1-4 to be done every day. 1. Got printed receipt (initialed and dated) 2. Checked charges on receipt 3. Checked rooms for the next day we are having class 4. Used RG punch card 5. Got $5 off *
Only check off the items THAT YOU COMPLETED
Do every day tasks (1-5) 1. *Added event to Facebook (PLEASE check first for duplicate do not add if it is already there) 2. *Checked for anyone opted out of emails. 3. *Checked for missing addresses 4. *Check that all addresses in every account were moved down *
Intermittent Daily Tasks 6-13. 6. Added waiver alert for green star no-shows 7. Redeemed Groupons (all: including late cancel and no show) 8. Charged late cancels (unlimited students) 9. Charged no shows (unlimited students and members) 10. Took and uploaded missing photos 11. Added missing phone numbers 12. Added waivers to constant contact 13 . Did close out for any cash sales *
Only check off the items THAT YOU COMPLETED
Petty cash intact? *
Memberships sold? (1-8) FOR EACH STUDENT>>> 1. filled out contract 2. gave student blank contract 3. gave student you just got a membership or you just 4. gave student a you just got 30 day sheet 5. emailed contract and cced info@ 6. took picture 7. uploaded contract to MB 8. entered info in google spreadsheet *
Only check off the items THAT YOU COMPLETED
Parties and privates (1-5). 1. Marked party as arrived 2. Checked out party on party tab C 3. Entered emails and issued party passes on MB 5. Emailed Kim separately for any refunds
Only check off the items THAT YOU COMPLETED.
Party Picture *
Class Picture *
We are currently LOW ON:
Include names of students for passes/memberships. Include any voids. Report if any cash sales
What did you do today that was above and beyond for a student?
Anything else we need to know? Any student feedback?
Be sure to leave a note for next FDS on how much you did. Leave these notes in the back of the FDS spiral.
Start on the 1st of the month, check the ones you worked on! *
Clearing bouncers in Constant Contact. Email members at 3 month mark Email members about free for a friend passes. Send members the 9 month email and give passes.


If you work on these, leave a note for the next days FDS to let them know that you started a task and/or finished or did not finish it.

  1. Remove email addresses that are bouncing, as we pay per email:

    please do for january!

  1. Log in to constant contact

  2. Go to REPORTING

  3. Click the number under BOUNCE RATE

  4. Make sure the drop down says DISPLAY: RECOMMENDED FOR REMOVAL

  5. At the bottom click show 500 emails 

  6. If it looks normal, check it on the left hand side 

  7. If it looks like it can be fixed ( ie: if it is janedoe@gnail.com, or jandoe@gmail.c0m, or janedoe@gmailcom, that should probably be janedoe@gmail.com). 

    1. If so click the pencil icon on the right and fix it. Then check the little check mark where the pencil was. if that works it will change and the old email address will appear below crossed out. Do not check this email on the left.

    2. If the check mark does NOT go away, you will have to do a different step. later, keep it unchecked on the left for now.

  8. Check all the rest on this page till you get to the bottom.

  9. Click REMOVE EMAILS, a pop up will appear ...


  11. They will now be striked out.

  12. Then go back to the emails that you could not edit with the little pencil. Click on the actual email address. Click EDIT Fix it. Click SAVE. If you see Address is already in use on another contact, then click CANCEL and then HIT THE BACK BUTTON ON YOUR BROWSER. Now you can check this email to remove this email.   

Do this for the last 3 emails sent in REPORTING. 

2. Email members at four month mark

please do for january!

  1. Open drive

  2. Open membership sheet, sort column K, a-z

  3. Go to the first blank slot. Check that is has been four months since the start of the membership for that client.

  4. Then check that that person has been attending classes.

    1. If they have been attending and have attended at least 6 classes send the first email. Be sure to note the date the email was sent in the spreadsheet

    2. If they have one or more of the last months with no classes used then send the second email.

  5. Send the emails below from staff@stripxpertease.com. Be sure to cc info@stripxpertease.com

  6. If there isn't a yes in next column, column L, send again, one month later. Repeat Step 4 above.



We have 2 passes for you!

Hello ______,

We just wanted to check in with you and see how things are going with your StripXpertease membership. I hope you are having fun and feeling good! Since you have spent time with all or many of the instructors and gotten to sample a lot of our classes, your thoughts are tremendously important to us as you have quite a unique perspective!

So we were hoping you could take the time and give us a little info on your experience. We know you are busy too, so for your feedback you will get 2 free passes in your account on us. ($52 value!). You can also remain anonymous, but of course we won't be able to give you passes. The survey should take approximately 5 minutes!


Feel free to be honest, responses are only seen by Kimberly.

Thank you!



We miss you!

Hello ______,

We noticed that you haven’t been to class lately. Is everything OK? Please let us know if there is anything we can do to get you back to the studio! You are missed!

please do for January

3. Get MB Certified.

This is a self-guided online course and test. Upon completing a certification level, you will receive an email with a certificate of completion. ~7 hours of content.

I even learned a few things!

  1. Make sure you have headphones and no distractions. It is a little boring (sorry) and each video is 30 seconds to 15 minutes

  2. Go to https://scerts.mindbodyonline.com/portal/software-certifications/

  3. Create your own account using your real name.

  4. Click on START TRAINING under Front Desk Staff

  5. A lot will be redundant but hopefully you will learn a few new things!

  6. The final test is 40 multiple-choice questions. Passing score is 80%. And if you leave the exam for any reason, you'll need to start over. The exams are open book, as we want you to have the same resources available as you would at work.

  7. Once you submit the exam, your results will appear on the screen and you’ll be sent an email receipt.


Watch welcome and overview.

  1. Click introduction to MB and then play on next screen. a 5 part series will pop up

  2. You will watch the videos in order! :)


      1. Part 1 video: we don’t use sign in tab or enrollments

    2. Section 2 SERVICE TYPES:

      1. CLASSES :

        1. Part 2 Video “classes tab overview” don’t leave notes for me in the notes section next to class name

        2. Part 4:

          1. do NOT use the search button for classes in the future ( 1:26) use advanced register so they get an email

          2. (3:57) we no longer use rewards.

        3. Part 6: we just learned about this ..will try to set this up for masks and condoms!

      2. APPOINTMENTS: This is parties and privates! You wont use the stuff in section 3, 4 or 5 much but still good to watch.

      3. ENROLLMENTS: we don’t use enrollments but watch these videos anyway

4. Email or talk to members to remind them of free passes

Wait on this task for now

discount for friend purchase to member …. get money off for get more passes

5. Email members at 9 month mark

Wait on this task for now


Hi ____! Got Somethin' For Ya…


Hello _____-

Wow- time flies when you're having fun and getting sexy! It's been over NINE MONTHS since you purchased a membership and joined the StripXpertease family. We want to thank you for attending class after class and remaining loyal to the company.

Now that you're an expert in the tease, it's only right that we reward you. Please accept 2 free class passes as a token of our appreciation. Look out for a copy of the receipt in your inbox.

See you in class!