Who doesn't want free stuff?

You have TWO ways to get free classes!

  1. BECOME A WORKSTUDY: You get also UNLIMITED free classes for 5 months through our WORKSTUDY PROGRAM 
  2. JOIN OUR POINTS PROGRAM: You can get free classes and more by joining our new rewards program through PERKVILLE. Get the deets below

Perkville Rewards Program

What is Perkville? 

Perkville is a free and easy way to earn points towards free classes.

How do I sign up?

Create an account now or wait until you attend class next, and they will email you the next day.

  1. Go to the log in page:  PERKVILLE
  2. Join using the email you use with your mindbody account!
  3. Click the link in your email, then enter a first and last name and a password.
  4. You should see :Get +50 points from StripXpertease
  5. Click Get Points!
  6. To refer friends go to MY POINTS and click :Refer friends to StripXpertease
  7. You will have a chance to enter your friend's email or copy a link to any social media to reach more friends! If anyone using your link to sign up...Boom, 100 points!

How will I know when I've earned points? 

After you attend class, or accumulate points, Perkville will add to your points balance automatically.   Points earned usually take 48 hours to be added to your point balance. You’ll receive an email from Perkville each time you earn points (you can opt out of these if you like). You can also track points on Perkville’s site. 

How do I earn points?

Points start accumulating for any class you take starting 11/20/14, whether you have signed up on not! (as long as you have an email in mindbody)

  • SIGN UP to Perkville! *50 Points
  • Come to class! *5 Points
  • Tell your friends what you love about StripXpertease! Posting must be done through the Perkville website, not directly from your Facebook page/Twitter page. You can post to Facebook and Twitter once for every time you earn points at StripXpertease.  You will have a maximum of one posting opportunity per day. *10 points
  • Refer friends and get them to both purchase a pass through our mindbody site and attend a class. *100 Points This must be done THROUGH Perkville's platform
  • Take privates! *15 points

HOw Do I redeem my points for free stuff?

Once you have enough points to redeem, Perkville will automatically alert you, and will provide you with a printable voucher to redeem your reward. 

  • Free Pair of Kneepads : -125pts
  • One Free Class Pass: -200pts
  • Free Private Lesson (The Flirt) for 2!: -900pts
  • 5 Free Class Passes: -950pts
  • 30 Days of Unlimited Classes: -1800pts
  • Free 1 hour 45 min party for up to 12 friends! : -4950pts

How do I get help from Perkville?

 The USER'S FORUM is pretty helpful, or you can call or email them.