Apprentice Instructor 

KZ is a yoga teacher and lifelong New Yorker who loves movement as a way to find healing, connection, and peace. She began dancing with StripXpertease to try a new workout, and got hooked because she had never before experienced a safe space to explore sensuality. KZ’s classes are rooted intentionally in body positivity, mindful movement, and self-compassion. She believes building ownership of one's practice is an act of reclamation.


StripXpertease is my happy place! A week after my first class, I cancelled a big move because I was more excited about class than moving. Before StripXpertease, I didn’t feel any connection to sensuality. Through the movement and sexuality classes here, I became empowered to develop my own style of sexy. I honestly feel blessed to know the care of everyone here, be able to enjoy sensuality on my own terms, and share StripXpertease magic!


I never felt confident moving to a beat, and desperately avoided any situation involving dancing. I never would’ve thought that dance would become what makes me feel most powerful, beautiful, and free. I love dancing with other femmes and can’t wait to dance with you!