Apprentice Instructor and Front Desk Staff

Jacklyn, born and raised in Arkansas, relocated to NY in 2013 to pursue her career in fashion. She studied fashion in college and continues to work with various outlets in fashion, specializing in fabric. She also has a background in various dance forms. Jacklyn believes that with her 15 years of dance experience in tap, clogging, jazz, lyrical, and ballet that she can help students find their SEXY FLOW!  Recently, through exotic dance she found the sensuality and movement to be a healthy release. 


I find the classes at StripXpertease to be absolutely life changing. StripXpertease teaches students it is OK to be comfortable in your skin no matter the size, shade, or health issues. While I have a great love for fitness, taking classes has allowed me to learn to let go with exotic moves in a fun safe space, while learning to love myself in the body I was given, which is something no other studios could teach me. It is like I have a NY Fam!


Although I am classically trained in dance, I find exotic dance to be the most freeing. Based in movement that teaches you how to flow, while engaging your audience. Exotic dance allows you to let go, ooze with the music in a very sensual and releasing way. I have found dance to be the healthiest release and exotic dance is how I express myself best.