Senior Instructor. Over 600 hours taught

Jessica, who studied Biopsychology in college and continues to work with sensitive populations, has a a background in various dance forms. Jessica believes that with her dance experience in ballet, jazz, modern, exotic, and most recently, belly dance, she finds dance as a form of expression to be the most liberating activity because of how it makes you feel. 


I find the classes at StripXpertease to be absolutely amazing. With the striptease fitness craze breaking into full stride, classes have become more clinical, extinguishing the sexy side that came with the original art form. StripXpertease not only maintains the authentic movements of exotic dancers, it also tells the students, it's ok to be fit and confident and sexy, and most of all, it's ok to want to please you partner. Taking class has allowed me to observe how expertise on dance laden with humor makes it a safe and fun space to learn what no other studios teach.


Though classically trained in dance, I find the exotic dance style to be the most empowering. Based in movement that teaches you how to engage your audience, it places the performer in a position of control, something women often lack from their daily experience. Dance, like music allows you to take whatever your experiences and purge the through engaging your whole person; not only healthy for your body, I find dance to be healthy for your mind.