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It was a great first experience and u made us feel extremely comfortable doing the moves around each other. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. It was a blast and we all took away some valuable knowledge from the class......Can u believe that we are all still talking about the ROBERT! (Hahahaha)
— Janeen J

No minimums, in home or in studio, EACH attendee GETs a free class pass!

We have 9 options for you!

Laugh Your Ass Off! ~ Do Naughty Bachelorette Stuff - Celebrate Your Birthday With Your Best Girl Gang

You are the gal in charge of the girl's night, bachelorette party, or birthday party, and you want to forever go down as the the most awesomest party planner idea girl of the century. And you should, considering how hard it has been to put this thing together! You're looking for serious brownie points. And to be honest, this is the only way you're taking these classes, by rounding up your craziest gal pals and draggin' them along. Because friends that strip together, stay together! 

Click to check out our reviews!

Click to check out our reviews!

Our classes are a little risque and a LOT of fun. Nope, no pole here. Pole dancing parties are great, but you often have to wait your turn and then you can't show off any of your moves at home! Boo. Our classes keep everyone dancing (no weight restrictions here! ) and laughing the entire time and leave you with super sexy and very dirrrty strip-club style moves you can do THAT night. Moves are slow and sensual so you won't sweat off your going-out-on-the-town make up. 

Parties are either Deluxe or Mini.  Scroll for all options. We provide private instruction, cheat sheets, stripper names, and a little surprise at the end of the night (dance classes only) for the special lady of the eve. Pictures allowed. 

  • At your place or ours! Available in New York and North Jersey.

  • Deposits are required to book. Full payment is due 3 days before class.

  • In home parties above 110th street or outside of Manhattan are subject to travel fees.

  • Men can be present, but they must participate during the entire class.

  • If you and your gals have a kick ass time with your instructor, you can definitely show your gratitude with a tip after class via cc on file or cash. Tips are not included in price.

PLEASE NOTE: To guarantee your preferred time slot and location, we recommend booking at least 1 month in advance.

Deluxe Parties

1 hour 45 min to 2 hours. 

Strip N' Lap Party

(1 hr. 45 minutes. In home or in studio.) Our most popular dance party. Perfect for bachelorette parties. No need to be an experienced dancer. Put on your f-me heels and learn the sexy stripper walk, how to use your hands on your body to seduce any partner, finger in the mouth, ass smacking, and several dirty touches. Then we grab a chair to learn the Slip N Slide, Grinding, Reverse Head and how to rock a strip club style lap dance. Learn over 20 moves and how to put them together in a smokin' super fun routine! It is a perfect way to bond with your best girlfriends and learn some sexy moves too!  

Lap N Grind Party

(1 hr. 45 minutes. In home or in studio.) This is a flirty lap dance class, where you learn all the details of the gentleman's club lap dance from positioning your partner for the look of control, to how to grind your body on their lap, to sexy vocalizations.  Learn to leave your partner hard n' happy. Great for groups that have a special honey waiting back at home! (Ladies will learn the moves on empty chairs, not each other.) 

Double Trouble Party

(1 hr. 45 minutes. In home or in studio.) This is a lap dance only class, but you will need an even number of girls. This super fun class will make you laugh 'till you cry. This hilarious class teams you up with another girl in your party to learn how to lap dance like a pro. Half of the class you play the man with a large pair of tube socks stuffed down your pants, then you switch to be the super sexy stripper ...If you can keep a straight face! 

*You MUST have an even number of girls, if you end up with an odd number, then you will be switched to the Lap N Grind Dance class.  For in home you will need a chair for each pair of ladies.


*Each gal in parties over 5 also gets a free pass (value $27, nontransferable) to come to a group class in the next few months!

1-2 students: $200.00


3-4 students:$275.00


5-8 students: $400.00


9-12 students: $500.00


12 or more: Extra $20 per student 

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Suck N' Swallow Party Blow Job Class

(See a video from this class. You will need to enter password: BJCLASS)

2 hours. In home or in studio.  This class cannot be shortened. 

This is an AWESOME class for a bachelorette party! Wanna enhance your lip service? Wanna leave him arched back in fits of delight? This class covers tricks and tips from hand jobs to deep throating to make his eyes roll back in his head and his manhood stand up at attention. Learn how to combat common obstacles to the perfect BJ like manly odors, hairy undercarriages, to swallow or not, and a sensitive gag reflex. We'll tackle this subject "head-on" with humor and honesty. Bring your questions and an open mind ...and a d*ildo!!

*Each lady must have her own suction cup based bendable (no vibrating pieces inside), pre-washed d*ildo (size is up to you). No cucumbers or bananas.  Gay men welcome to participate. No photos during this class.

*This is a specialty party and has limited availability.

 *This class cannot be shortened. 

Suck N Swallow Pricing

*Each gal also gets a free pass (value $27, nontransferable) to come to a group class in the next few months!

1-2 students:



3-4 students:



5-8 students:



9-12 students:



12 or more:

Extra $20 per student 

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Mini Parties

50 min.

Whether your’e short on funds or short on time, the mini parties are perfect for your special gal’s night!

Flirty N Dirty Party

Full of sexy exotic dance moves you can do standing in front of your partner or just a mirror! A wicked, hair tossin', ass smacking and boob rubbin', super fun routine that teaches your group the Stripper Walk, Pop Out, Robert & Lotion, the Finger Move, and more! Cheat sheet included. No lap dance in this class. 

Lap N Grind Party

This is a quickie version of our famous Lap N Grind Deluxe party.  See description above.

Double Trouble Party

This is a quickie version of our awesome Double Trouble Deluxe party. See description above.

Twerk N' Werk Party

This is a booty poppin' twerk tastic class. Not for the faint of heart, this is a physically challenging class, and unlike our other parties, you may get a little glisteny with sweat! You will get on the floor as we show you how to jiggle and pop, so kneepads are highly recommended! Drop it like its hot! *You will be on your knees on the floor. We sell kneepads (studio parties only), or bring your own. Loose fitting bottoms recommended. No cheat sheet.

*This is a specialty party and has limited availability

How To Talk Dirty (and Not Crack Up!)

Learn how to be a dirty girl over the phone, in a text or in the bedroom! All party gals get a cheat sheet and our Dirty Talk Thesaurus and Mad Lib sheet! We cover how to start your dirty chat, what to say and how to find the perfect voice to do it in. But be prepared to laugh as you whisper and sigh your way through this fun and informative class! SEE VIDEO 

*This is a specialty party and has limited availability.


*Each gal in a party over 5 also gets a free pass (value $27, nontransferable) to come to a group class in the next few months!

1-2 students: $105


3-4 STUDENTS: $175


5-8 STUDENTS: $250


9-12 STUDENTS:$300




Party Add Ons

  • Party Gal Comp Pass: INCLUDED! Each gal in a party over 5 also gets a free pass (value $27, nontransferable) after the party to come to a group class in the next few months!

  • Twice as Nice! Book 2 parties in one day and save 10% on the second party.  * Discount applied to party of equal or lesser value.

  • Time to Chill! $100. Additional hour to have time to take pictures, have snacks, etc. NO ALCOHOL. *Room must be left in same condition as when entered and exited at exact time at end of rental. Rental time ends at the same time regardless of arrival time. Our staff will enter in the last 5 min to begin folding chairs and tables.

    • Option A: Add 30 min in the studio prior to party and 30 min after party.

    • Option B: Add one hour after party.

  • BJ Party Package! Add on the condoms needed for your party! Two for each lady.

    • $2 per person.

  • Special Lady! $65. Add a three pack of classes for the bride or b-day gal to come back and take classes like lap dance, talk dirty and BJ! 3 passes good for 1 year.

All add ons must added at time of booking and be paid in full 3 days prior to party.

Book a Party

  1. Choose a party from above.

  2. Call us or fill out the form below.

  3. We will find an instructor who can do your date, time & class.

  4. You will need to make a deposit by phone or web within 24 hours to hold that date.

  5. Then you will get 2 emails (receipt of payment and booking info).

  6. Full payment is autocharged 3 days before your class at 6 am, based off of your number of guaranteed attendees. Card used for deposit will be autocharged. 

    1. To change your number of attendees into a lower pricing group, you must notify us via email 4 days or more prior to party to change your final balance.
      Changes to a lower pricing and/or refunds are not permitted within 3 days of your party.

    2. Any increase to the next pricing bracket given less than 3 days prior to the event will be charged to the card on file along with an additional $25 surcharge.

  7. In home parties out of service area (above 110th street or outside of Manhattan ) will incur additional travel fees based on the time and train fare.

  8. Gratuity is not included, but definitely appreciated! :)

  • You can book 7 days a week with start times ranging from 10 am to 9 pm.

  • You can book IN YOUR HOME (subject to travel fees) or A STUDIO we provide. 

  • Party policies can be found by clicking the CLASS POLICY link. 

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