Work Study Check In

Hi ladies, 

The case has been a little neglected recently and we were out of a lot of items. This falls to you! We need you to report or we don't know it is out. We do need you to report low items, notate items that were taken and send this form before you leave Ripley for the evening.


The date must be SIX digits xx-xx-xx

So 12-7-17 is wrong, 12/07/17 wrong, but 12-07-17 is great! :)

Your Name *
Your Name
Hi Ladies. This is a very important part. Please do the month first, then the day, then year in a six digit format MM-DD-YY
Instructor(s) *
We are currently LOW on
We are currently LOW on
The LOW count on sheets is laminated and in the case
missing tabs on files, broken zippers, missing paper towels etc

Hey gals , if the form gives you any trouble, just email me directly and put the date in the subject line. :)