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Hi Everyone. I'm Connie and I'm happy to be a part of the team which exploring and learning. Although I'm not great at dancing, I have found myself curious about sensual dances which led me to StripXpertease where I found a place to take a break from everyday life. If you see me around, please don't hesitate to say hi. 



Hey guys, my name is Latecia I used to dance as kid and in HS but I fell out of practice once I started working full time and life took over. I originally found StripXpertease looking to just take a few fun fitness classes. But I loved the positive energy, having a place to place to get into shape, gain flexibility, as well as having a safe place to embrace my inner vixen! 



Hey, I'm Tatiana! I'm relatively new to dancing. I'm looking forward to working with StripXpertease, in an environment that encourages and allows me to explore my sensuality while getting fit. I am excited to join the team and meet new people!



Hey Lovelies! My name is Janai. I am honored to be able to expand my dance background with you ladies! Being a CA will help me to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about myself and others! I’m super excited about this opportunity! Can’t wait to meet you all!



Hey, Hi, Hello, Bonjour, Hola! I am Jasmin! I'm a confident young woman exploring and trying new things. I'm so happy and excited to join a team of strong women that empower and encourage women to embrace and own their sexuality. Owning our sexuality is not only empowering to ourselves but others as well. I will be cheering everyone on as we learn to love every part of our body. I look forward to meeting everyone. We are on this beYOUtiful journey together. Smooches!

I want to leave this quote to inspire everyone along their journey.

"If a woman loves her own body, she doesn't grudge what others do with theirs; if she loves femaleness, she champions its rights"- Naomi Wolf.



Hello There! My name is Maria and I enjoy taking long walks to Starbucks and drinking matcha green tea lattes like it’s water. In this world we are always taught by the media that we need to be sexy to be considered attractive but the world didn’t really give us a safe space to learn the art nor a place to express ourselves freely. Once I took a few classes at StripXpertease I was hooked! I knew this would be an amazing place to learn more about myself and how I choose to express myself and my sexy in my own body and under my own rules. It’s been an empowering experience and that is why I joined the class assistant program. To meet with more like minded individuals and continue this amazing educational experience. Hope to meet you there soon!

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