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When you work full time and have a Toddler running circles around you, you HAVE to make time for yourself.  I love learning new things about people, and empowering women to love themselves. StripXpertease has been a Sexy Safe Haven for me, and a wonderful place to be around strong, inspiring, and fun women!



Hi, I'm Annabelle! I am a young public service professional who loves to be active and explore the city outside of the 9 to 5. I've been dancing since I was a child, and I joined StripXpertease to gain the dance family I lost when I moved to New York in August 2017. Dancing is my most favorite thing to do, but I also enjoy cooking vegetarian dishes, going for a run outside, and watching superhero movies.



Hi, I'm Jasmin! While juggling a full-time job and graduate school, it was hard for me to stay dedicated to a standard gym. StripXpertease has been such a fun way to stay fit and stay sexy after work and on weekends. I'm so excited to meet new members and try out all of the classes (that I'm now getting to help set up!). 

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