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Hello mi name is Gina, but my close friends call me Mona, I’m Capricorn, moon lover, sweets and simple gifts are my favorites, makes me smile see the leaves fall in autumn. I’m also learning to unlearn what doesn’t let me move forward and learn again from love. I am thankful for the opportunities that always arise, now I am part of the family SXT where your strengthen and motivate you to be more kind and sensual with yourself.



I am a full-time student in NYC in my mid-20s. My friends consider me open-minded, creative and kind person. I'm passionate about dancing and personal growth. In my spare time, I go out with my friends in the city. I joined SXT in order to help every woman realize how more powerful and sexy she can be.


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Why hello there, my name is Oonagh! I am an art student in NYC with many passions including painting, drumming, music, astrology, alchemy, vegan cooking, and animal rights. However when it comes to dance..that is most important. Everyone needs dance in their life whatever form or style, it is our right as beings on this planet to express ourselves through dance. So I am very happy to be a part of Stripxpertease, to support a space for da ladies to explore their sexiness. 



Jehan teaches during the day, but loves to dance at night. She feels like dancing is one of the many ways women can learn more about themselves. Jehan joined the StripXpertease team in order to keep in touch with herself, dance and get to know a group of confident and independent women.

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  • Jillian M...now an Instructor! 
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