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When you work full time and have a Toddler running circles around you, you HAVE to make time for yourself.  I love learning new things about people, and empowering women to love themselves. StripXpertease has been a Sexy Safe Haven for me, and a wonderful place to be around strong, inspiring, and fun women!

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There’s no better way to create time for yourself than to make it your part time job. It’s very easy to get lost and drained in the day to day nuances.  These classes are a welcomed break from the normal routine. Not to mention you are surrounded by a wonderful team and amazing students!   



Hi, I’m Taijah! I was born in CT but raised in the breeze. My wanderlust spirit brought me to NYC where I found myself in a StripXpertease class with beautiful women learning to embrace their sensuality through control of their body. Which is exactly where I want to be! I’m an artist, a humanitarian, and a sister. I look forward to what I learn here at SXT. 

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  • Jade G

  • Katie D

  • Sierra P

  • Liz W

  • Danielle S

  • Maeve L

  • Abby R

  • Heidi G

  • Taylor T

  • Kai S

  • Jasmine G.

  • Jacklyn K

  • Danielle W. ...Now an Instructor

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  • Katie A.

  • Shanea

  • Annabelle


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