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Hi Everyone. I'm Connie and I'm happy to be a part of the team which exploring and learning. Although I'm not great at dancing, I have found myself curious about sensual dances which led me to StripXpertease where I found a place to take a break from everyday life. If you see me around, please don't hesitate to say hi. 


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I'm a Brazilian digital nomad who's been traveling the world for the past three years. Now that I'm staying a year in New York I'm pursuing different passions and interests, so when I read about the work study program I knew this is what I wanted to do. Stripxpertease has an unique way to empower women so I'm really happy and proud to be part of the team. 



Hi Loves! I'm Aurelia :) I am a Fashion Designer who loves to dance, solely because I am able to express how I feel through design and dance. I am passionate about inspiring people, staying in a high positive vibration, and fulfilling my dreams. I love that StripXpertease is a judge-free zone and allows you to be comfortable, sexy, and OWN it all at once! SO glad to be part of the team and become even more in tune with my inner sexiness. Don't be shy, feel free to say hello when you see me!



Hello! I am new to the dance world. I started taking burlesque classes this summer which lead me to wanting to explore sensual dance in greater depth.  I enjoy the floor work classes and am excited to keep evolving with the different classes offered!



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Hey cuties. I've been pretending to be a dancer forever. But I’m here because you can always go for it. Love everything about mixing sensuality with fun fitness. Let's be shy and bold and nervous and courageous all at the same time #vibes 



Helloooo friends! I’m Gypsy! My personality is best described as a purrfect mix of Tigger + Cardi B with a pinch of The Nanny! My personal theme song is Baby I’m a Star by Prince - word for word, me to a tee. I’m a former professional bellydancer who after a 9 year hiatus has found herself reborn again as a dancer at StripXpertease. I absolutely LIVE to dance!! I’m super friendly so don’t be shy — say hiiiii!! I promise we’ll be instant friends! ;) 



Hiii. I am an advocate of sex positivity and a lover of movement. I feel most empowered when I am connected to my body’s unique rhythm. Basically, StripXpertease triggers all those feel-good chemicals to make me a better me. 

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