Senior Instructor. Over 500 hours taught

Barbara, originally from and still residing in Brooklyn, majored in Photography in college and is a freelance portrait photographer. She enjoys helping people feel and look their best in their portraits and in their dance routines. Even though she is not a formally trained dancer, she loves dance and feels that it is the best and most fun way to work out.

Barbara On Stripxpertease classes 

Stripxpertease was the first dance studio I felt super comfortable in. After my first class with Kim I was hooked and I always felt encouraged to continue on. All of the instructors are so great and patient and they create an environment that not only helps you spur creativity but also a comradery with the other students. The classes were so fun I didn't feel like it was exercise or work at all and before I knew it I was up to Level 4 material! I love the classes because they help you feel sexy and confident and they're the best prescription for a bad day.

Barbara On Dancing

I have always loved dance but I was too shy and a little on the uncoordinated side to take classes and when I did I never really stuck with them.  It wasn't until Stripxpertease that I realized I can start as a complete beginner and make it to the point where I feel so comfortable with the moves. I am super excited to take any dance class now and I do whenever I get a chance. I look forward to incorporating whatever I learn into the classes I teach.