I really think your class is great for women (especially ones with low self-esteem). It was an amazing experience for me. I’ve had confidence as a teacher, but I’ve never had the confidence as a woman. I think I’ve learned that I could be sexy too!
— E. J.

About Us

We are infusers of sexy. Bestowers of confidence. Givers of change.

We offer sexy dance and sexuality classes for individuals and groups, geared towards regular women.  In home classes, come to the studio, or learn online in the comfort of your own home.

Our Stripperfesto:

Started in NYC in 2005, our classes are designed in collaboration with instructors, students and former exotic dancers. StripXpertease is a female driven and run business that focuses on helping you achieve a sexier, sultrier, more confident you. Through laughter, movement and open discussion we help release the inner vixen inside of you! We don't care what you look like or how old you are. That's not an excuse! No judgment here ladies; we've got stretch marks, cellulite, and all that jazz too. You can do this! We have super-sultry dance-based classes or kick -your-ass-sweaty workout-based classes. So everyone stays in their comfy zone, we don't allow nudity, but we recommend that you practice in the buff whenever possible. Yeah, baby. We want you to feel sexy and leave here on top of the world.


  • Makes you feel sexy!

  • Helps you get toned and fit!

  • Helps you make new friends!

  • Spices up your sex life!

  • Makes you love the mirror!


1. I want to learn how to move in a super sexy way, like an exotic dancer, which class do I take?

You can start in a public class with other students or you can start with private lessons. If you want to take a public class, sign up for the Intro to StripXpertease Class to begin to learn how to move and groove just like the pros. This is a great class if you are unsure and want to see how and what we teach. If you are going with private lessons (just you and your instructor), you can take a single lesson or a package of 3 or 6 lessons. 

2. If I want to book a private striptease lesson for myself or a group of friends, what do you need from me?

You will need to pick some dates and times that work best for you. We will of course try to choose your first option. We can start your class between 10am and 9 pm Mon-Sat. You can hold the class in our studio or in your own home. Once we agree on a date, you will need make a deposit to hold your date. Dates CANNOT be held without deposit. 

3. Where is the studio?

In NYC we are HERE. And remember, you can always take a class in home. We can also do it in a hotel room, an office space, or a private bar lounge, but we will not do it in a boat, we will not do it on a train, and we do not like green eggs and ham.

4. I am too nervous to take class with other students and I don't want anyone watching. Do you have a class for me?

Shy huh? No worries, we know this stuff is hard to do in front of other people. You can sign up for a private lesson with just you and your instructor. Your instructor will watch you but no one else... because it would be weird if even she didn't watch you.

5. Do you teach classes for bachelorette or birthday parties?

YES! That's our specialty. Our classes are a lot of fun for the whole group. Everyone moves and is interactive throughout the whole class. Also every girl gets a cheat sheet that covers all of the moves you learn ( because the brain tends to get fuzzy after that 3rd tequila shot). You will be laughing and dancing long after your party is over. Also, after the class, you can practice all our moves with nothing more than a chair and a smile. No equipment needed. 

6. I do NOT want to be a stripper, are these classes right for me?

Don't worry, we teach everyday women. We actually do NOT encourage women to enter the industry. 

7. Do I need any dance experience?

No! But you do need to be able to tell your right from your left. Or we can just write a big R and L on your hands. Whatever.

8. Who is my instructor?

Oprah! No, but that would be awesome. Actually your instructor is going to be a well trained employee of StripXpertease whose main focus is to make sure you have fun and don't fall down. 

9. How far are you willing to travel for in home classes in New York and New Jersey?

For you, we would travel to the ends of the Earth! But with the price of gas and airfare, well, we gotta stay close to home. Our NYC instructors teach in NYC, the surrounding boroughs, and other parts of New York, Long Island, and New Jersey. As long as you are accessible by train and and no more than 2 hours away ( by train) we can come to you. Travel fees for travel outside of Manhattan are approx. $20 per hour of travel by train RT. There are extra fees to cover costs of LIRR, NJ Transit, and Metro-North trains.

10. Can you teach me and my boyfriend/husband/fiancé together

Naughty... Of course. We have a couple's class, called Lover's Moves. We do it in-studio only, one couple per class, and there is NO NUDITY! You are both gonna get all hot and bothered. We suggest getting a hotel room close to the studio. Trust us. Female couples welcome too.

11. I am under 18, can I take your course?

Yes, as soon as you turn 18. We don't allow anyone underage to attend, even with parent's permission. Our classes revolve around sex and sexuality, so it's just a bit much for the kiddies.

12. Do you have a mailing list?

Yes. You can join here Subscribe to the StripXpertease mailing list. But we promise we won't ever sell your email or display it. Unless someone offers us like a million dollars, and in that case we would totally split it with you.

13. No pole classes? I wanna learn how to pole dance!

We don't teach any type of pole dance classes. Our classes are danced based, mimicking the real moves strippers use in the clubs. In our classes, we teach multiple moves that you can perform for your lover with just a chair and a smile.:) Pole work is only a small part of exotic dance. Our classes keep everyone moving the whole time with lap dance, stripping, and standing moves. And the best part is, all of our moves can be duplicated at home with no equipment needed.

14. Do I need to be in good physical shape?

No. But taking our work out class, Stripper Strength, will help develop muscles and flexibility that make the moves much easier. 

15. I'm interested in more of a workout type class. Do you have something for me?

You're gonna be sorry you asked. Try Stripper Strength. We take real stripper moves and just slow them down. You will love us for it, but you probably won't be able to walk the next day. It's a serious leg, abs, and butt work out. And you have to wear heels (any heel will do , but advanced students wear stripper shoes). You can't wear stripper heels on the treadmill. 'Nuff said.

16. What do I wear?

Most women wear typical work out wear. Basically, whatever you are comfortable in. But you also want to keep it sexy and you want to be able to see your body move. So not those sweats with the bleach stain. Try to avoid skirts. And heels are preferred. Six inch platform open toe shoes with ankle support are best. But don't let the fact that you don't have the shoes keep you from coming to class. Just show up. Heck, you can even come in a rabbit suit if it makes you feel better, but we're probably gonna laugh at you. 

17. How long is the class?

That depends on the class, but you can find times listed next to the class description. Times range from 50 minutes to 2.5 hours.

18. Do I have to take off my clothes?

No. We use pantomime to show you how to strip. If you want to wear a bra, garter, etc. over your clothes you may do so at the appropriate time in the lesson. However, if you want to strip or wear nothing but your sexy lingerie, you may do so in a private one on one class. And we highly recommend practicing in as little clothing as possible when you are home.

19. How much room will I need in my house and what do I need if I choose an in-home party/lesson?

Really not that much, as long as each girl can stand up and move hers arms around without smacking the girl next to her, it should be okay. And hard wood flooring or similar surfaces are best, but low pile carpets are OK too. We will not teach outside. You need a iPod hookup. You will also need a chair for each lady and your instructor (regular dining room type or arm chairs will be fine). Any room that has a large mirror is an added plus. Also have a regular strapped, back closure bra to wear over your clothes, and wear your sexiest and COMFORTABLE heels as well.

20. Do I need those crazy stripper heels?

No, but they do help and are recommended, ESPECIALLY for advanced classes. These moves will work best with platform high heels. If you can't buy the shoes, wear what ever you have that is comfortable. There are links on this site to purchase stripper shoes if you would like. 5 1/2 to 6 inch platform open toe shoes with ankle support are best. And for real, they make your ass look fan-freaking-tastic.