Danielle, a New York fashionista that resides in New Jersey, is multitalented in Jewelry design and Fashion design. Having been a fashion major in college has allowed her to be a creative and open-minded soul when it comes to self-expression and art freedom. She wants to help students use their creativity to allow themselves to break free of their molds and express themselves freely to let their inner DIVA shine. Danielle’s belief is that body- acceptance and self-love is essential in everyday life. You are already sexy so just MAGNIFY IT!!


StripXpertease classes are absolutely everything! These classes have allowed me to explore myself while being among other women that are incredibly supportive. I love existing in a place where women empower one another. That sisterhood bond is like no other. StripXpertease has helped me be more comfortable with my sexuality and become comfortable with the woman that I am and the woman that I am becoming!


Though I am not professionally trained in dance, I have taken various dance classes and have always appreciated the art. Dance has always been a good way for me to relieve my stress and be free from my everyday life. Exotic dance for me has been a great way to re-establish that connection with myself. It allows me to embrace my "divatude” and bring out my inner badass. I’m excited to bring what I have learned from these other ladies and the tools StripXpertease has provided me with to continue with what our message is, so that every woman can glorify what she already owns…Her Sexy!