My legs are burning, muscles are shaking violently in agony and frankly, I want to give up. But the classes have a great collaborative atmosphere, and everyone is open and supportive. The instructors do a great job of keeping you motivated and calling you out when you’re slacking off.
— Tanisha C.

All classes are 50 min, unless otherwise specified. 1 pass. 9-15 ladies max. Pre-registration required. Open level. Wear snug fitness wear/dance tights.  

Stripper Strength


This strengthening and flexibility class takes actual stripper moves and puts them together to tone and tighten the body. We perform core standing, floor, and chair moves that you can put together and slow down back at home for a rockin' show. We also strengthen those muscles to help you pull off the hottest sex positions for you and your honey (Asian cowgirl anyone?)! Bring heels. SEE VIDEO FROM CLASS


Sexy creative dance with elements of samba and African movement. Work arms, hips and core to strengthen while looking sexy doing it. Bare feet. SEE VIDEO FROM CLASS


Ready to be even more gorgeous? Whittle your middle with Pilates inspired exercises fused with sultry SXT floor moves that will improve balance, strength and flexibility. Get your sexy on while working your core! Your abs, back and booty will thank you ;)  Please bring kneepads or a yoga mat (if you don't have a mat bring a large thick towel or small blanket). SEE VIDEO FROM CLASS

Om Yeahhh, Sexy Yoga

Get your sexy on in this sultry stretch and sweat class. You'll learn to move your body in a fun and flirty way by incorporating yoga stretches, slow, sassy dance moves, and strengthening exercises. This alluring combination will be sure to leave you feeling like a temptress and have you looking toned and tantalizing. Kneepads or yoga mat preferred. Bare feet.

Splits S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Want to be able to do the splits? Get your leg up by your ear? Used to be able to? Never been able to? Want to get in touch with your body and just stretch out some of that stress? This is the class for you! And be prepared to stretch muscles you didn't even know you had. Perfect for ladies who have no flexibility at all, as well as those who want to maintain and increase what they have. Please bring a clean pair of socks and a yoga mat (if you don't have a mat bring a large thick towel or small blanket)


Stretch every bit of your body from top to bottom. Flow through stretches to improve your dancing, relax you from that hard class or get you limbered up for your next class! Get strong, flexible, supple and lean. Please bring a clean pair of socks and a yoga mat (if you don't have a mat bring a large thick towel or small blanket) SEE VIDEO FROM CLASS


Can't shake what your mama gave you? Never learned how to drop it like it’s hot? Want a twerk class? Well, if you’ve got back or you want back, Booty Jiggle N' Pop is the class for you! We use a combination of belly dance, salsa, reggae, hip-hop and samba to strengthen and tone your ass, legs and thighs. You’ll be bootilicious and backing that thing up in no time. It is all about the Booty. Sneakers acceptable, heels preferred. Bring knee pads  (Sold in class for $12 & up), a large thick towel, or a small blanket for kneeling and lying positions. SEE VIDEO FROM CLASS


Blow bubbles! Get that Juicy Double! Half booty half stretch this class will get you poppin and stretching like gum on the pavement on a hawt ass Summer day. Twerk and Stretch combined!