Owner & Head Instructor

Kimberly is an instructor, but also the creator and founder of StripXpertease. Originally from Austin, Texas, she moved to NYC in 2002 and created SXT in 2005. She moved to Long Beach, California in 2016, but still runs SXT NYC! Although she is no longer dancing in a club, she racked up over 10 years of experience as an exotic dancer in Texas, New York, and New Jersey. She also spent years acting in Texas and New York and co-owned a NYC based film company. She uses those experiences with acting and striptease to bring laughter, fun, and education into all of her classes. She has choreographed gentlemen's club scenes and exotic dancer's routines for film and theater in New York. She has taught for StripXpertease in NYC & L.A. and has taught various workshops at other studios across the country!

* Kimberly is currently teaching privates and parties in L.A. and the surrounding areas. 

If you are interested in Kimberly hosting a workshop at your studio , feel free to email


I saw the cardio striptease craze explode, and then pole fitness classes. However, I kept meeting women who were taking pole classes that couldn't use what they had learned in their own homes. Or there were ladies who were shunned for trying to be sexy in pole "fitness" classes. I wanted to teach women sexy moves that they could actually perform for their lovers... or just for themselves, in the comfort of their own bedroom with no equipment needed. I wanted to share movement that was sexually charged and super sexy...the stuff I had learned in the club that could drive a man wild and make a woman feel worshiped.


 Dancing is about expression. I put on a song that has meaning to me and I can just work it out. If I am feeling happy, sad, sexy, ugly, whatever! If I put on that song and start moving, it just gets released. I would put that emotion into dancing and it was like therapy! When I danced on the stage, whatever I felt before was lost. When I danced in Texas, I wasn't the prettiest girl there, but I made excellent money because of the way that I danced. It's all about how you move, how you look at them, and how you feel about yourself, and NOT about how thin you are or how big your boobs are. When I could see myself moving like that, it made me FEEL sexy which in turn made me LOOK sexy!