Madeline is a Native New Yorker with a degree in television and radio. During her studies, she got into health and fitness and fell in love. Now a pole instructor, she is ready to teach not only sensuality, but also empowerment.

madeline on stripxpertease classes

StripXpertease was like a cool club that I was DYING to be in. It actually influenced me in my early pole days by showing me that I'm worthy enough to be my own version of sexy. Everything happens for a reason because a couple of years later, I bumped into StripXpertease again! I my choice of course was to twerk into it! I'm very blessed to have the opportunity to create and spread my knowledge of self worth through the form of dance. I am looking forward to my new journey with you all :)

madeline on dance

Dancing has given me the opportunity to connect with myself in ways I've never thought I could of. It has helped me accept my vulnerabilities and break any self boundaries all through the form of flowing in dance. It has empowered me enough to find my love of performing and teaching pole and dance! I am so excited to be on the StripXpertease team as we strive on encouraging positivity and self love. Its a great way to express yourself in the form of dance.