Marcella, a native New Yorker, is multitalented in Fashion Design and Dance. Being professionally trained in the art of Bellydance, has helped her break out of her own shyness and gain confidence with her sensuality through the years. She strives to help women feel comfortable in their skin and to discover their sensuality through movement and discussion.


I’ve always liked to explore different styles of dance. I decide to join a friend in a striptease class with Kimberly and fell in love. I was able to explore a sexier side of myself that was different than in Belly dance. Coming back to classes, gave me the ability to really tap into and embrace my sensuality and sexuality in a supportive and judgement free zone. Something I couldn’t find in any other type of dance class. I love the community of women that is StripXpertease and the encouragement to explore your sexuality through various classes offered.


Movement for me is freedom. It’s a way I can express myself, better than I can with words. A way for me to tell a story. I love to watch students take movements they’ve learned, make it their own and be able to tell their own stories. Dancing is therapeutic. It is our ability as human beings to get up, shake up stagnant energy and release tension in the body. To express feelings sometimes words can not express. Helping empower others through movement is both healing for them and what I love most about dance.