Hey sexy! To sign up for group classes, you need a MINDBODY account. You can create that below then go back to the schedule to find your first class. YAY!

Not sure where to start? Feel free to call Kimberly at 1-800-747-1462 or 562-343-1837! Too shy to call? Email us at (check your junk box for reply).

We recommend a Level 1 Class to start, either Lap Dance or Floor Work. We normally have 1 or 2 a week. They are designed for beginners just like you! Want to have one on one privates instead of group classes? Check out options here.


  • When you sign up for class, you will get an email with lots of great info (unless you opt out) on room #, floor # and what to wear.

  • You can leave all of your stuff inside the classroom, no need for locks for lockers. Feel free to bring a water bottle if you need as well.

  • Wear form fitting clothing that you can move in like yoga pants and a tank top. Skirts and tight jeans are no bueno.

  • Heels are recommended but NOT required. Any heel height will do! No heels? Sneakers are fine.

  • Arrive early! Some times there is a long line to enter the building. Tell the door man you are going to Ripley Grier. You will need an ID. Also, each floor has lots of rooms, and it can be confusing to find the room we are in.

  • We will have a table set up outside of our room with one of our awesome front desk gals! She will have you sign a waiver and then you are all set!

Dancing with a friend? Be sure she creates an account. Each student needs separate accounts..