Senior Instructor. Over 600 hours taught.


Orisha, originally from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, started dancing at 8 years old. This includes but is not limited to Afro-Cuban Samba, Street Jazz, Hip-Hop and Ballet. Orisha Re' began professionally teaching and sharing her knowledge and love of dance in 2004. She also possess a Personal Trainer Certification and Group Fitness Trainer from IFTA.


 Everything happens for a reason. I applied to work with Kimberly and for StripXpertease seven years ago. I didn't get the position then. The Universe didn't think I was ready - I agree.  Over the next four years I learned from Kimberly and StripXpertease that it was okay to recognize AND embrace my self confidence as a woman. I am inspired to share that knowledge and help woman know that they are confident and empowered.  I feel strongly about a women's need, quest and desire to find her inner SEXY.  What is SEXY - Strong Empowerment exuding thru You.  Sexy is powerful, fun and exciting.  A woman should feel comfortable in her own skin and I would love to help you SINK INTO YOUR SEXY!


What an amazing way to express oneself. I love movement and the freedom it gives me. Dance is challenging at each and every turn. I always thought working hard to hone the craft that I love would alone be positive and fulfilling then I began to teach. StripXpertease is one of my journeys of self expression and I can't wait to watch you travel on yours.  StripXpertease is more than a dance studio StripXpertease is a community.  A community that I am proud to be a member of.