Apprentice Instructor & Front Desk Supervisor

Sofia grew up in Paraguay and now calls New York City her home. She studied accountancy and has worked in the financial services industry for over a decade before making a move to her calling: the creative arts and healing. Although she is not a classically trained dancer, she did her first jazz group performance when she was in junior high school. Dance has always been in the background of her life and she is now bringing it to the spotlight through StripXpertease. When she's not dancing, she's either running or in the yoga studio. Sofia is registered to teach yoga through the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.


I discovered StripXpertease through Groupon. I instantly fell in love with it because the classes helped me to forget the "real world". I was so happy and stress-free and time just flew. I fell in love with StripXpertease because the instructors provided a safe space for me to explore my insecurities about my own sexuality and sensuality. I want to be able to continue that and hold space for women to unapologetically express themselves through dance.


I used to have a rule for dancing: I would not step on to the dance floor unless I had two drinks minimum in me. That's how nervous I was about dancing! Eventually, this rule disappeared through many self pep talks and dance classes and a little bit of inner work. Now, I view dance as art and a form of self-expression through movement.