Front Desk Staff

A sassy Brooklyn girl, often called a pit bull in a dress. While most of my career has been in fashion, my boundless curiosity has led me to a variety of jobs learning as much as I can from each. Full of energy I make sure to work hard and play harder, I love to socialize, workout and experience anything new!  A true supporter of women, I want women to embrace their sexuality.  Long gone are the days where it was shameful to discuss your sensuality. I like to channel my inner sex symbol daily, and hope all women feel comfortable to do so. Trust me it makes life a lot more fun ;)


I’m so excited to join the StripXpertease team. This company represents the best qualities of women, strong, fearless and sexy. These classes are what women needed but were too shy to ask for. From the Lap Dance classes to the Shades of Grey classes, it provides a safe environment to learn and express yourself in a fun sexy way. You’d be surprised to see how empowered you feel after taking one of these classes. I’ve learned a long time ago the power of the p*ssy and I hope every woman does the same!  I'm so excited to learn new techniques and routines with StripXpertease. I know I'm going to become more confident and sultry with the help of these instructors and I couldn't be more excited! 


Dance it out! This phrase is how I live my life, dancing is so freeing and an easy way to let loose. As soon as I wake up I blast music and start dancing. I'm instantly in a good mood when I do this and whenever I'm stressed I gather my girls and get to dancing.